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We would like to thank you for taking a moment to look into the WAYMAKER Team.  It is our hope that you can find a resource whether it be an event, training, podcast or devotional that will further empower and equip you to live your life to the fullest!  

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An interactive faith based book for kids ages 3-9. Get yours now.

Joel wrote this book about his kids with the hope it will take your kids on a few faith filled adventures!

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What our clients are saying...

Our accounting firm set out to do a team building event.  They had done it many other times but this was my first time.  We were at a cabin in Lexington for a couple of days.  Joel came the second day.  I was not sure how those work.  I was very impressed by Joel’s confidence and his patience with those of us who were reluctant or unsure.  Joel had us do a series of exercises and explained each one to us.  I recall at the time that the employees were feeling disconnected and after that day and the help from Joel we were all much happier.  It had a great impact on the morale of the office.

Later, Joel would do a second more intense team building event in Las Vegas. That one was more challenging and Joel definitely kept the exercises interesting.

This all culminated in some one-on-one sessions with us regarding our futures and our future within the firm. Joel worked with each of us closely and helped us prepare our five-year plan.  Joel really challenged me to put down on paper things I had thought of but refused to face.  I am deeply grateful to Joel for allowing me to do this.

I highly recommend Joel for team building events or strategic planning for your company.  It makes a big difference in the morale of the group.   Joel’s expertise and approach is the key to the success of our team building events!

Crystal A. Jahn

What our clients are saying...

Joel presented us with real life and applicable information from his professional experiences and gave me some great tools to feel equipped to deal with such events or crises as a social worker.

Michelle T.

What our clients are saying...

The training I received from Joel and his co-trainers equipped me with the tools I need to make a difference in the lives of the youth I serve as a foster care worker.

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